Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Having an emotionally and physically satisfying sex life is a vital component of well-being and of experiencing personal fulfillment. Unsurprisingly, when sexual problems arise, most individuals feel confused, embarrassed, and alone. erectile dysfunctionMale erectile dysfunction, in particular, is a topic of extreme discomfort and shame, causing a large amount of stress to the affected person. However, erectile dysfunction is a common problem that is often easily treatable and reversible. The male body -in particular, the masculine sexual response – is a complex, interconnected system of organs, hormones, and psychological responses. When any component of the system doesn’t function optimally, or when the natural aging process begins to speed up, erectile dysfunction often follows, as a result. It is advisable to talk to a trusted medical professional as early as possible, so that recovery may begin. Below is an overview of the most common causes that may cause erectile dysfunction.


Being the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, aging-related problems become more prevalent with each passing decade: sexual function begins to drop noticeably after the age of 50. The decrease of elasticity and the corresponding lack of blood flow both contribute to erections becoming less in frequency and quality. If this sounds familiar, I can recommend a great solution that is called Peruvian Brew and it does help increase blood flow and sensitivity using all natural herb extracts, fruit extracts, and an amino acid.

Weight Problems and Obesity

Being overweight or obese carries several risk factors for the overall health, including sexual well-being. Not only physical activity becomes more difficult, heart and lungs have to work harder in order to maintain the required flow of blood and oxygen to the entire body. Obese individuals are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to men who are considered normal body weight. This condition is covered in chapter 3 of the Erect on Demand PDF.

Underlying Medical Conditions

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and the clogging of the arteries -atherosclerosis – are all common, yet serious problems that may lead to erectile dysfunction. These conditions – along with diabetes and metabolic syndrome – are potentially serious and detrimental to sexual health. Treatment is often necessary and very effective, especially if started early. Other medical conditions leading to sexual dysfunction may include hormonal problems, most frequently caused by low testosterone levels, and prostate infection, which may lead to painful and weakened erections.


When choosing treatment for pre-existing medical conditions, it is important to keep in mind that several of these drugs may actually cause erectile dysfunction themselves. Medications for high blood pressure, diuretics for water retention, anti-inflammatory drugs, a variety of muscle relaxants, and antidepressants may very well be the culprit behind sexual dysfunction. It is important, however, to not to abruptly stop taking prescription medications, rather, after talking to a medical professional, switch to a different drug instead.

Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol may depress and block neurological messages between the body and the brain, leading to inadequate blood flow, and over time, serious hormonal disruptions. Smoking is known to damage blood vessels even further, potentially making it impossible to supply enough blood for maintaining erections at all.

Having a Vasectomy

Surprisingly, more and more men are complaining about experiencing temporary sexual dysfunction after having a vasectomy. While surgical sterilization is extremely unlikely to cause long-term physical complications, short-term discomfort is possible, especially if there is an underlying emotional sense of loss involved with choosing this procedure.

Psychological and Emotional Causes

Stress, anxiety, relationship problems – all of the above are known to cause sleepless nights, self-doubts, and even serious depression. Negative emotions are the exact opposite of what sex is supposed to be about; lack of relaxation and intimacy are capable of doing more harm than simply killing the mood: sexual dysfunction is often to follow. As the above list shows, there are a wide variety of causes that may disrupt sexual health, leading to erectile dysfunction. Early diagnosis can help to discover the root of the problem, and a customized treatment plan may greatly improve the quality of sex life, possibly even completely restoring previous levels of satisfaction and intimacy.